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NJ Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Everyone who uses a computer or has access to the internet is familiar with the use of search engines. In simpler terms, they are today's digital phone books. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are search engines that should automatically ring a bell for you.

NJ Search Engine Marketing strategies provide ways of "skipping the line" by getting your company website at the very top of search engine result pages. This also eliminates the need of having to wait months, or even years, for strategically crafted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to take effect.

Unlike SEO, which comes with no guarantee of success, Search Engine Marketing campaigns guarantee that you'll make it to the top of the page without the wait.

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, think of it as a bidding war on highly targeted keywords to reach your websites landing pages. A search engine keyword like "best restaurants in nj" will be a lot more expensive to rank on than "best restaurants in rutherford nj". Why? Because you're targeting a much more narrow market by segregating the search query down by a town versus the entire state. A smaller market to advertise to means less competition and thus, less cost.

The same understanding can be applied to placing a PPC banner ad on the homepage of the NY Times versus the homepage for a regional media company. Keep this in mind when hiring a professional NJ Digital Marketing company. Many of the fees you are being charged are going directly to the medium your ad is being placed on. The remaining fees are being paid to the professional who is analyzing your competitors and creating the proper strategies to get the most out of your ad dollars.

NJ Search Engine Marketing

Why is NJ SEO Marketing essential for my business?

Let's use an example case study to provide a better understanding on why NJ Search Enging Marketing is influential for small to medium sized businesses. Let's pretend you're a restaurant or any new business that's providing a product or service to your consumer base. You understand the importance of having a website to allow users to find you on the internet when conducting a search, so you do everything you need to on your end before your opening day to get yourself prepared, including launching a website. Great! Your website is effectively "live" and you're opening your doors in the coming days ahead. You attempt to do a quick search for your business on Google or Bing to ensure people can find you but your website doesn't come up. Why is that? Simply put, it takes times for search engines to populate your website and start ranking you on search engine result pages. This is where PPC campaigns on search engines can help people find you, regardless if your website is new to the mix.

NJ SEO Marketing

How much does NJ Search Engine Marketing cost?

There are a variety of factors that play a role in the cost of NJ SEO Marketing services. We go over this a bit on our NJ digital marketing services page, but let's dive a little deeper here. We'll continue to use our example case study above of opening a new restaurant for us to better understand how NJ search engine marketing actually works.

So you're opening an Italian restaurant in Rutherford, NJ. Doors open tomorrow and your website isn't coming up on search engine result pages. There are 3 other Italian Restaurants that have been open for years within the same town. When you type in "italian restaurant rutherford nj" they come up immediately. However, you don't have time to wait months before people can find you through a quick google search. So how do you skip the line to ensure your website comes up above theirs? You hire a professional NJ Search Engine Marketing company to get this done for you. Through their research they inform you that not only are those 3 restaurants still utilizing PPC campaigns to keep themselves at the top, but so is nearly every other italian restaurant within a 5-10 mile radius. The cost of this PPC campaign is now higher because more companies are bidding on the same keywords.

At the end of the day, don't let this deter you from investing in this kind of campaign for yourself! Hiring the right company to keep you at the top will allow you to keep up, or get ahead of, your surrounding competitors.

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