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What is a logo & why is it important?

The logo is the metaphorical face of your company. Commonly referred to as "branding & identity" your logos aesthetic sets the tone and vibe of all the marketing materials and initiatives you complete thereafter. A professional NJ logo designer can create a logo that speaks to your consumer base and establishes trust just from appearances alone. "First impressions are everything" and your logo is exactly that for your target audience.

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How logos increase the value of your business

Many companies today are getting into the habit of using logo service providers that sell you their designs at a startling low rate. Don't get us wrong, we love a great deal too but more times than not, the business it not getting a deal at all. They're getting a copied replica of a logo that dozens of other businesses are using. The only difference? Their company name (word mark) replaces the previous one.

Your logo should be the "Mona Lisa" of your business. The original Mona Lisa is valued at nearly $830 million. Every copy or replica made thereafter? Well, they're only worth the amount of the materials it's constructed from. Simply put, your NJ logo design should be for your business and your business alone.

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How much does NJ logo design cost?

If you're in the market of working with a professional NJ logo designer, we offer a variety of packages with a flexible payment structure to boot. We also offer the ability to custom tailor our NJ logo design packages to any businesses budgetary needs.

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