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About NJ Creative Marketing

Who We Are

NJ Creative Marketing is a small team of talented creative professionals with nearly 2 decades of marketing and creative experience. Our services have spanned across over two dozen industries with a mission to provide quality designs and digital marketing strategies at an affordable and rapid rate.

What We Do

NJ Creative Marketing helps small to medium sized businesses look their best both digitally and in print. From branding & identity (logo design), responsive NJ website designs, digital marketing campaigns including e-marketing and Google Adwords, to social media marketing— we'll handle it all for you from inception to completion.

How We Navigate

Just a few pitstops before getting you to your intended destination.


Here's where we'll take the time to learn about your unique business needs and projected goals. We'll help organize your thoughts and take the weight off your shoulders with a proper game plan on how to take your ideas from inception to completion.


After our consultation our team will put together a scope of work that outlines your desired services into individualized line items that are easy and clear to understand. You'll know exactly what you're getting including the timeline it takes to execute your service direction needs.

Draft Execution

Once we all agree on the projected scope of work, our team will begin chipping away at the timeline of your service needs. This drafting phase becomes the fundamental foundation we will work off that's tailored to your businesses vision and goals.


Rome wasn't built in a day and there's no "I" in team. We'll rely on your constructive feedback in order for us to fine tune our designs and marketing strategies ensuring you're completely satisfied with the direction of the final product.


With all remaining agenda items completed, it's now a matter of taking care of some simple last steps. This includes ensuring remaining balances are paid and the transfer of specific accounts to the client are properly managed after handoff.


All eyes are on you! It's the day that made the journey entirely worth it. Whether it's a website, digital advertisement, GoogleAdwords campaign or a freshly developed brand & identity, your NJ creative marketing service is officially complete.

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